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Blue Vinyl Gloves Powder Free x 100

Part number: STFA0895

Powder Free - Non Sterile. Value-for-money quality product for simple hygiene tasks in food preperation, packaging and catering.

Semperguard® Nitrile Xpert Powder-free Glove MED ONLY

Part number: STFA0901

Powder Free - Non Sterile. Very robust disposable glove made of nitrile with the tried and tested design for uses requiring very good tactile properties combined with high resistance overall.

Semperguard® Nitrile Xpert Powder-free Glove SMALL x 100

Part number: STFA0901-SML

Semperguard G816780633 Industrial Nitrile Glove Powder Free-Non Sterile

Surgeons Latex Glove - White

Part number: STFA0906

Sure grip in every situation with maximum safety, ideal tactile sense and perfect instrument handling.