Premiere Products is a specialist brand manufacturer of innovative high-performance, cost-effective cleaning chemicals. As a family company, we focus on sustainability and on world class service, offering market-leading training to support our global customers. Premiere supplies both professional cleaning trade channels and consumer markets worldwide.

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MP10 Degreaser x 5Ltr

Part number: STDE0300

MP10 is an iconic floor cleaner in the Premiere range which is ideal for both small and large cleaning tasks.

MP9 Multipurpose Cleaner - 5 Ltr

Part number: STDE0302

MP9 is a top performance, powerful concentrated cleaner for use on all hard surfaces, cutting through even the most stubborn oil and grease. Whether on a small or large scale, your surface is left clean and fresh.

Premisan Multi Functional Cleaner & Disinfectant

Part number: STDE0318

Concentrated bleach based cleaner and disinfectant

Workstation Anti-Static Foam Cleaner

Part number: STDE0319

Workstation is a trigger spray foam cleaner with anti-static properties, formulated for the cleaning of computer screens, keyboards and plastic surrounds, reducing dust build up. Workstation is also ideally suited for cleaning desks, cabinets and laminate surfaces within the office environment.

MP10 Degreaser 12x750ml

Part number: STDE0301

MP10 is an iconic floor cleaner in the Premiere range which is ideal for both small and large cleaning tasks.

Force Citrus H.D. Bactercidal Cleaner & Degreaser x 5Ltr

Part number: STDE0292

A heavy duty bactericidal cleaner and degreaser with a fresh citrus fragance. For all heavily soiled floors, including those with accumulations of oil and grease. Recommended for use on Altro and modern safety flooring. Suitable for cleaning appliances

Force Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser Odourless 5 Ltr

Part number: STDE0293

Force is a powerful anti-bacterial alkaline cleaner and degreaser that will cut through even the most substantial build up of oil and grease.

Screen Virucidal Multi Purpose Cleaner 5 Ltr

Part number: STDE0316

Screen is an innovative, fully biodegradable, disinfectant cleaner which uses sophisticated chemical technology to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

Apple Fresh Disinfectant & Deodoriser 5 Ltr

Part number: STDE0264

Apple Fresh is fresh fragranced disinfectant for use on walls, floors, tiles and general fittings. Apple fresh will also deodorise making it ideal for use in bathrooms, washrooms, toilets, showers, drains and dustbins Bactericidal Data: Passes BS.EN.1276

Natures Way Environmentally Friendly Degreaser x 5Ltr

Part number: STDE0304

Formulated from natural ingredients Nature's Way was possibly one of the first environmental degreasers on the market.

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