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Evo Jet Rice Bowl 7' 17.8cm x 12

Part number: STDU0070J

Dudson Evo Black Rice Bowl 30oz / 85cl

Alchemy Batik Oval Bowl 23cm / 9' x 12

Part number: STCH0596

Oval bowl in the Batik range from Churchill China. Great for serving side dishes or chips.

Alchemy Batik Round Pasta Bowl 30.6cm/ 11.75' x 12

Part number: STCH0609

Round pasta bowl with Batik red leaf pattern 29oz 79.75cl

Alchemy Buffet Balance Tear Dish 23.6cm 6 Per Case

Part number: STCH0492

12oz 34cl 9.25'/ 23.6cm

Medium Soup Bowl 12cm / 4 3/4' x 6

Part number: STCH2342

16oz 44cl

Menu Slanted Bowl - Medium

Part number: STCH2630

17.5x 8.1cm 40c/ / 14oz

Rimless Fruit Bowl 12.7cm / 5' x 24

Part number: STCH2193

Small white bowl from Churchill China, suitable for small portions of cereal, soup, desserts or side orders.

Shallow Stacking Bowl 1.5x3.5cm/4.5''x1.5'' 22cl/8oz x 12

Part number: STDP0666

This Shallow Stacking Bowl from Australian Fine China is ideal for snacks & olives.

Simply Footed Bowl 57cl / 20oz x 6

Part number: STDP0101

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