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Arpax A7 Bactericidal Neutral Detergent x 2 Ltr

Part number: STAD0016

Super concentrated catering cleaner/ degreaser/ sanitiser (BS EN 1276 approved)

Arpax A8 Super concentrated odourless bactericidal neutral detergent x 2 Ltr

Part number: STAD0018

A powerful super concentrated bactericidal neutral detergent. Primarily used as a manual washing up liquid in commercial kitchens where high volume used requires ultimate control. It can also be used at extremely high dilutions for general hard surface and floor cleaning. To aid product recognition the ARPAX A8 product label, the solutions, both concentrated and diluted, and the label on the dispenser and trigger bottle are green.

Pipeline Original Beerline Cleaner - 1 x 5Ltr Purple

Part number: STAD0089

The intelligent alkaline beer line cleaner with built-in solution status indicator. The world’s first purple beer line cleaner changes colour if the line is dirty, when it remains purple you can be confident that your line is absolutely yeast and bacteria free.

Rinsal Concentrated Automatic Dishwasher Rinse Aid x 5 Ltr

Part number: STAD0122

A highly effective concentrated liquid dishwashing rinse aid designed developed to speed up the drying of crockery and cutlery leaving a sparkling streak free finish. Containing citric acid the formulation provides excellent result in hard water areas.

Sonic Floor Cleaner Concentrate x 5 Ltr

Part number: STAD0138

A concentrated odourless detergent cleaner formulated to clean floors in commercial kitchens and building services applications. A highly versatile hard surface cleaner that can be used to safely remove ingrained grime from surfaces including safety flooring, vinyl, ceramic and painted surfaces.