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20' White Giant Straws x 500

Part number: STAA5247


8' Black Flexi Straws 210mm x 5mm

Part number: STAA5100

The 8' Black Bendy Straws, If you want you can keep them straight, or use the flexi neck for easier access.

250 per box

8' Black Straight Straws x 500 6mm Bore

Part number: STAA5108


8' Clear Smoothie Straws x 200

Part number: STAA5114

200mm x 9mm

200 per box

Black Sip Straws 5.5' x 1000

Part number: STAA5244

The Memphis Black Sip Straws at 140mm (5.5inch) subtly add the finishing touch to any short cocktail or glass of spirit and mixer, making it easier and more elegant to drink.

Per Box

Black Spoon Straws in Dispenser Box 200mm x 8mm

Part number: STAA5110

200 per box

Clear 8' Flexi Straws 210mm x 5mm

Part number: STAA5101

£1.20 £0.70
250 per box

Clear Bendy Bottle Straw 10.5' x 250

Part number: STAA5105

Ideal straw for alcopops

£3.20 £2.40
250 per box

Clear Collins Straws 8' x 1000

Part number: STAA5104

1000 per box

Clear Spoon Straw 8' x 500

Part number: STAA5103

250 per box
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