BB Plastics

BBP are recognized as the leading UK manufacturer of reusable drinking glasses. They have a large range of styles & sizes and continually expand their range in order to fulfill our customer’s requirements.

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12oz Wine

Part number: STPG0107

50 per case

12oz Wine CE@ 250ml

Part number: STPG0108

50 per case

35ml Shot Glass CE@ 35ml Brim

Part number: STPG0091

100 per case

5oz Wine

Part number: STPG0103

100 per case

5oz Wine CE @ 125ml

Part number: STPG0104

100 per case

6.5oz Flute

Part number: STPG0105

50 per case

6.5oz Flute CE @ 175ml

Part number: STPG0106

50 per case

Coffee Cup 8oz

Part number: STPG0067

18 per case

Conical Polycarbonate Rocks Glass 7oz

Part number: STPG0075

48 per case

Econ Polycarbonate Rocks Glass 6.8oz/190ml x 36

Part number: STPG0074

35 per case
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