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Part number: STAA3722


Part number: STAA3724

Vileda Ultraspeed Mini Mop Head - Small in size, big in performance!

Professional Mop Bucket with Wringer 15 Ltr - 4 Colours

Part number: STAA0206

Professional Mop Bucket with profile wringer means overspill goes back into bucket not onto the floor. ‘Caution Wet Floor’ printed on both sides. Heavy duty plastic handle Graduation marks. Colour coded.

Sponge Cloth 20cm x 18cm

Part number: STAA0192

Available in 4 colours

Ultra Speed Telescopic Handle

Part number: STAA3738

Available in 4 colours, the Vileda Telescopic Handles

Ultraspeed Mini Micro Mop Pad

Part number: STAA3725

Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Microlite Mop Pad

UltraSpeed Mini Mop Frame 34cm

Part number: STAA0162

Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Mop Frame has a light and durable break frame with power zones underneath for increased performance. Swivel joint for easy cleaning of vertical surfaces.

UltraSpeed Mini Safe Mop Pad 34cm

Part number: STAA0169

The Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Safe Mop Pad has been developed especially for the use on rough and safety floors

Ultraspeed Mini Starter Kit

Part number: STAA0158

Available inn 4 colours, the small and compact system the Vileda Ultraspeed Mini Starter Kit has a 10 L bucket and bionic press wringer. Ideally used for small area cleaning tasks, like offices, cafes, small retailers and restaurants, etc. Bionic press wringer available in four colours for colour-coded usage.

UltraSpeed Mini Telescopic Handle

Part number: STAA0170

The Vileda Ultraspeed Mini Telescopic Handle has a textured finish which gives an improved 'soft grip'. Handle extendable from 80 to 140 cm, with hook attachment for easy storage.

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