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30cc Pump for Clover 5 Ltr Containers

Part number: STDE6015

5 Ltr Pump for use with Clover Chemicals 5 Ltr Containers only.


3-Step Wash / Sanitise / Restore Skin Hygiene Centre

Part number: STDE0030

Deb Skin Hygiene Centres specifically designed for use in any food and catering environments.


7 Circles ProLine® Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Part number: STDE0145

1ltr 7 Circles ProLine Dispenser for use with any Cutan 1ltr hand sanitiser cartridge.


7 Circles ProLine® Hand Wash Dispenser

Part number: STDE0144

1ltr 7 Circles ProLine Dispenser for use with any Cutan 1ltr hand wash cartridge.


Antimicrobial, Perfumed Rich-cream Foam Hand Wash

Part number: STDE0102

A biodegradable, antimicrobial foam hand wash with added moisturisers and pleasant scent. Contains Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® to clean hands and kill 99.99% of germs when used as directed.

6 x 1 litre (Deb 1000 cartridge)

Black & Chrome TouchFREE Dispenser

Part number: STDE0073


Black Catch Tray for TouchFREE Dispenser

Part number: STDE0077


Blue Transparent TouchFREE Dispenser

Part number: STDE0075


Brillo Washing Up Liquid 5 Ltr

Part number: STDE0193

Brillo® Washing Up Liquid contains a concentrated blend of high active grease cutting ingredients that leaves tableware clean and smear free.


Chrome Effect Dispenser (white Deb logo)

Part number: STDE0082

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