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Hand Wash

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Deb Azure Foam Hand Wash

Part number: STDE0060

Pleasantly fragranced mild foam soap for general washroom use.

6 x 1 litre (Deb 1000 cartridge)

Deb Lime Wash

Part number: STDE0013

Cream hand cleaner containing natural cornmeal scrub. Ideal for most common industrial soilings. Contains moisturiser

4 x 2 litre (Deb 2000 cartridge)

Deb Refresh™ Relax FOAM Hand Wash 6 x 1 Ltr

Part number: STDE0066

Refresh™ Relax FOAM contains skin conditioner and moisturiser to improve skin hydration and prevent drying.

6 x 1 litre (Deb 1000 cartridge)

Larox Luxury Bactericidal Soap x 5 Ltr

Part number: STDE6043

A thick, odourless, white liquid containing skin conditioners, Larox is suitable for regular use throughout the day.

Per 5 Ltr

OxyBAC Antibacterial Hand Wash

Part number: STDE0247

For general use hand washing in food & catering environments, or any other workplace, social care or public facility where a high level of hand hygiene is required.

6 x 1 Ltr

Pink Pearl Perfumed Hand Soap x 5 Ltr

Part number: STDE0334


Silk Luxury Soap With Aloe Vera x 5 Ltr

Part number: STDE6024

A pearlised, cream-coloured hand soap that lathers into a rich silky foam and leaves a subtle almond blossom fragrance on the skin.

Per 5 Ltr